Jakarta. L.Tru, a modest wear brand owned by Truwear Asa Link, presented its debut solo fashion show at the Fairmont Hotel in Jakarta on Tuesday (18/04).

In the show, the brand showcased their latest collection called “Hello 2017.”

“Hello is a warm, congenial greeting,” Aju Isni Karim, commissioner of Truwear Asa Link, said when interviewed just before the show. “We want to extend the same heartfelt greeting to Indonesia’s Muslim women.”

L.Tru has been in the market for two years now. Previously, the company had produced another modest wear brand “Up2Date.”

“Up2Date’s collections are more edgy and monochromatic. L.Tru’s are warmer, more feminine and colorful,” Isni said.

The Hello 2017 collection is modern and classy. It combines simple ready-to-wear pieces into effortless-chic, Parisian-style looks.

“This collection is intended for today’s Muslim women who know themselves well,” Isni said. “They know what they want and what’s best for them.”

The fashion show was divided into four sequences.

In the first sequence, the brand presented mullet tops, harem pants and structured jackets in warm, natural hues.

Bold stitches accentuated many of the items presented in this sequence.

The following sequence showcased H-line tunics in saffron, navy and khaki hues.

Unique prints, which resembled sewing patterns, gave the loose-fitting items a casually tailored look.

The third sequence presented long dresses with A-line silhouettes.

Well-positioned color blocks and asymmetrical details added a sassy edge to the dresses.

Simple cropcap and capuchon-style jilbabs adorned the models in this sequence.

The fashion show culminated with a burst of pop colors on the runway. Tailored blouses, streamlined palazzos, jackets and long vests in red, emerald green, orange and violet gave an energetic urban edge to the collection.

“I really love L.Tru’s new collection,” Ratna Kamal, a housewife from Condet, East Jakarta, said after the show. “Their pieces are simple and modern, very easy to wear and to mix-and-match.”

“We’ll do a fashion show for L.Tru every year,” Isni said. “We want to show our fans we always keep up with the latest fashion trends and translate them into a fresh new collection each year.”